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Makie Shennen 

Market Business Development Lead

Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 3 Wines

New Zealand Wines Certificate



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Charles Stewart

Craft Instinct Japan CVO



スチュワート チャールズ



 ( Owner / Operator Rangitoto Tokyo )

Wife of a kiwi sommelier. Makie has been converted from an ordinary wine enthusiast to a wine professional thanks to her husband and his friends, many of them amazing New Zealand wine makers who all have big contagious energy of passion about the world of wines.  

Outside of her continuous journey to learn more about this amazing beverage, she also loves cooking, yoga, dogs, and smashing keyboards and calculator as a professional accountant.

She holds Level 3 from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust, Certificate of New Zealand Wines and Kikizakeshi (sake sommelier).  Makie was born and raised in Japan, and has worked in multiple countries including Aotearoa New Zealand.

 ( Owner / Operator Rangitoto Tokyo )

Born in New Zealand, Wayne has lived in Australia, Brazil, Japan and England, and has been working in Hospitality since 2002.  

He was the first New Zealander, and second in the Southern Hemisphere, to achieve the Advanced Level of Certified Sake Professionals. Author of the e-book 'Demystifying Sakè', he has worked in breweries in Ishikawa, Saga, and Gifu Prefectures, and visited many more.

Wayne is also a Certified Sommelier from the Court of Master Sommeliers, and achieved a Distinction from the French Wine Scholar programme.  In 2017 he came second in the New Zealand Sommelier of the year competition.  In 2017 he was also selected by Wine Australia to attend the 50 Sommeliers of the World programme, and in 2018 was one of only nine applicants in Australasia to be accepted to the Inaugural Family of XII Wine Tutorial.

( Bevoprenuer ・Respresentative Director of Craft Instinct Japan LLC )

Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Academy Graduate: Class of 2019

Certifications: Wine and Spirits Education Trust Sake 3, Sake Education Council L1/L2, Sake Service Institute Kikisake-shi, Sake Sommelier Association Sake Sommelier.


Charles has judged sake in food pairing and award competitions. He recently served as group lead chair at Sake Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles and industry professional pairing judge for Ehime Sake with Food Awards. As a resident of Japan for more than three decades, Charles has held senior leadership roles with three Fortune Global 500 companies, and several startups in the information technology industry where he currently consults.  

Charles’ interest in sake came about during his travels around Shikoku Island while undertaking the Ohenro pilgrimage where he first discovered premium craft sake. This discovery led Charles to pursue certifications as a Sake Professional with WSET, the Sake Education Council, International Kikisake-shi with the Sake Service Institute of Japan, and several other international certification bodies. Charles’ has developed an approach to brewing with non-traditional yeast strains, and produced the Anne sake release with Chiyonokame of Ehime.


Charles is currently developing a new sake and art pairing concept release with artist Erica Ward, Kura Cats co-developed with three domestic brewers with a target release date of 2021.

Charles is Chief Executive of ECO-INTER K.K. est. 1973, and Craft Instinct Japan est. 2020.

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